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Why Scouting?

Fun. Friends. Family. Future.
What's Most Important?

According to the C.A.M.P. Study at Tufts University, Cub Scouts have been shown to have increased "cheerfulness, hopeful future expectations, helpfulness, kindness, and intentional self-regulation." And youth that stayed in the cub scout program for as little as two years showed a marked difference in pro-social behavior. Researchers asked, what's most important, their peers would more likely to say "winning", "being smart", playing sports." Cub Scouts would say "Helping others" or "Do the right thing". What would you want your son to say?

  • Winning.
  • Playing Sports.
  • Being Smart.
  • OR... Doing the right thing!

What do Our Parents Say about Scouts?

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How Can We Help?

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